The SCA Certified Commercial Equipment Program derives from WCE Qualified Testing — a qualification for equipment used on our competition stages. Products that meet the criteria are considered “Competition Grade” and eligible to sponsor our 2022-2024 championships. The equipment specifications and test methods are available on the program website. Development of an espresso machine standard to include specifications for “Café Grade” and “Competition Grade” is currently underway.

WCE Qualified Testing evolved from the work of volunteers and experts of the World Barista Championship who, around 2004, began setting the criteria and testing process for espresso machines that could withstand the fast-paced environment of the competition stage. In 2011, the test became the standard for all World Coffee Championships. Since the creation of these standards manufacturers have pushed the envelope on equipment functionality and quality as the specialty coffee industry evolves.

Interested manufacturers can complete the form on this page to register their interest in the program. Qualified Sponsorship bids are welcome from any espresso machine or grinder manufacturer that passes SCA Certified Commercial Equipment testing. Additionally, espresso machines that pass the SCA Certified Commercial Equipment testing will have the option to license the SCA Certified Espresso Machine mark.